A Bunch-ler of Once-lers
Thneedville High: Open RP~

It was lunchtime at Thneedville High and the halls were packed with bustling students. Some were rushing off towards the cafeteria, whether to be one of the first in line for food or to snag a good table for their friends. Others were leisurely strolling down the hallways, chatting with one another or putting books away in their lockers. For the students, it was just another normal day during the lunchtime rush.

Two students, twin brothers and colorguard captains Oncel’r and Greedl’r O’Schmuncler, had stopped by the band room on their way to lunch and picked up their flag bags; the colorguard had been asked to perform in the upcoming winter assembly that was scheduled a week from that day, and it was the captains’ jobs to write an entire minute-and-a-half routine. They had decided to utilize any and all free time to choreograph it, and that included lunch breaks. Let’s just say they’d gotten yelled at a few times already for eating in their 5th period classes.

The two made their way down the hallway, earning themselves quite a few stares by simply toting around six-foot long bags, and went outside near the quad. Hardly anyone ate outside near there, especially since it had been getting colder the past couple of months. Greedl’r unceremoniously dropped his things on an empty lunch table, Oncel’r setting his stuff down in the same area but much more gently. They pulled their equipment out of their bags; practice flags, rifles, and sabres and moved a little ways away from the table so they’d have room to spin. Oncel’r slid his gloves off the blade of his sabre while Greedl’r undid the velcro on his and pulled them off his rifle strap. With gloves on, the two went through a quick warm-up on all pieces of equipment and then got down to business.

They had spent at least a good 15 minutes writing and re-writing choreography, gradually growing more frustrated as time went by. Irritated, Greedl’r pushed his flag over onto the ground, the pole making a rather distinct “clank” when the metal hit concrete.

"How are we supposed to see if this partner work looks good without another person here?! It’s not like one of us can just sit out and watch, there’s only two of us!" Greedl’r said angrily. Oncel’r just sighed.

"We’re just gonna have to hope for the best and pray it looks good when we start teaching it to everyone else", Oncel’r said.

"It better not suck, I don’t wanna waste time changing parts while still trying to teach the rest of the routine. We only have a week to make this look good, y’know…" Greedl’r huffed.

"I know, I know, but there’s not much we can do about it right now. Let’s just keep practicing", Oncel’r said, picking his rifle up again and running through what they had just written. Greedl’r was about to pick his flag back up until he saw someone walking across campus not too far away.

"Hey, maybe we can ask that person over there if they can help us out." Greedl’r suggested, showing Oncel’r the student he was referring to.

"We shouldn’t. They probably won’t care or even know what we’re trying to do-" Oncel’r started.

"HEY, KID!! OVER HERE!!" Greedl’r shouted. Too late.